🔑Key Terms

Definitions of terminology used by Seismic.

Seismic: This is the protocol itself.

Blast: New L2 protocol currently in testnet. Arrival of mainnet estimated May 2024.

Epoch: An interval of time that determines the set schedule Seismic procceses occur.

QUAKE: Seismic protocol token reward.

Blast Points: Blast L2 specific marker for activity on network.

Blast Gold: Blast L2 reward to be distributed by Big Bang competition winners.

Deposit: Providing as asset to Seismic to be used for lending.

Borrow: Taking an asset from Seismic in exchange for interest in addition to repayment.

Your Supplies: The total sum amount of a users deposits and borrows with Seismic.

Supply: The sum total value of a specific asset.

Epoch Capital: Deposit and Borrow funds that occur within an Epoch can be "forfeited" in a FIFO (first-in, first-out) order.

Utilization: Portion of deposits, generally per asset, against total borrowing. Represented as a %.

Health Factor: A number assigned to a loan based on relative value of collateral against borrowed assets.

Liquidation: An event that occurs when Health Factor drops below 1. This results in the closing of a loan to repay outstanding debt.

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