📥Deposit & Withdraw

How to deposit and withdraw assets with Seismic.

How to Deposit

Navigate to the section titled ASSETS TO SUPPLY on the main page. You will need to approve Seismic Finance to access the chosen deposit asset if you have not previously done so. You may now deposit into Seismic and immediately begin earning interest + Points based on protocol and borrowing demand. Depositors will receive QUAKE and Blast Points for Depositing.

Earning Interest

Deposits earn variable interest based on the demand to borrow the supplied asset(s). The current interest rate is displayed in APY (annual percentage yield) and can be seen for any asset on the dashboard. The APY indicates the average yield over the previous 30 days, extrapolated to an estimated annual return.

Deposit Limits

Typically, there are no upper or lower deposit limits.


To withdraw, go to the asset under Your Supplies and press "Withdraw". Input the amount to withdraw and submit. Please note there must be available liquidity to withdraw. In the even that all supplied assets have been borrowed, you must wait for more supply or loan repayments.

In that situation the variable interest rate will be higher to incentivize repayments.

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