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Leverage your Collateral

The length of time you choose to lock an asset will have a direct impact on rewards. Those who choose to lock for the longest period will be eligible for the largest rewards.

Seismic Finance provides a function that allows users to increase their collateral value through depositing and borrowing multiple times.

If this function would cause your Health Factor to drop below 1.11 then it may not execute automatically. If this occurs, lower your leverage to continue automatic execution.

This function also automatically ensures eligibility. If you are already eligible, nothing will be borrowed. There will be zero assets borrowed if a user is NOT required to add to their position.

If a user is ineligible for rewards, this function will automatically borrow the neceesary assets to maintain the minimum eligibility requirements.

Slippage is set at a fixed rate. If you wish to reduce slippage it is recommended to manually visit the Balancer Pool directly.

Finally, this function will lock any borrowed assets at your Default Locking Length. You can update this setting under the "Manage" page.

By depositing additional collateral or repaying outstanding loans you can improve your Health Factor and unwind these assets.

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