❓How to use Seismic

How to use Seismic to maximize your impact within the Blast Ecosystem.

Connect to Seismic Finance

Connect your wallet by clicking the button in the center of the page or the top right corner.

We support multiple wallets. If you do not have a wallet, Rabby is a popular wallet option for desktop. Your wallet must connect on the Blast network where the Seismic app is deployed.

How to Deposit

Go to the ASSETS TO SUPPLY section of the main page and select the asset you wish to deposit. Press 'Supply' for the asset you've chosen.

You will need to approve Seismic Finance to access the chosen deposit asset if you have not previously done so. You may now deposit into Seismic and immediately begin earning interest + Points based on protocol and borrowing demand. Some assets may have a deposit or borrow cap to maintain a healthy exposure to volatility.


To withdraw simply go to YOUR SUPPLIES section and press β€œWithdraw” for the asset you would like to withdraw.

Input the amount to withdraw in the Amount section of the popup and submit the transaction.


If you have deposited an asset to Seismic, you can borrow against it. Navigate to ASSETS TO BORROW and press "Borrow" for the asset you want to borrow. You will see the variable interest payment required to borrow. Now, input the amount you would like to borrow against available deposit(s). You can find a more detailed breakdown of this process in the BORROW section of our docs.


In the unlikely event of the value of assets borrowed reaches the value of collateral deposited, liquidation may occur. This may happen due to collateral reducing in value, borrowed asset(s) gaining value, or both. The health factor of any loan can be found by the user on the "Borrow" page. Higher health factor loans are at less risk.

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